4050 - 100% recycled earth friendly fabric. Eco-Headware

4050, 4051

Triton - Recycleable BPA free 750ml bottle made from BPA free free Tritan co-polyester which is impact and shatter resistant. Eco-Drinkware

Some of our eco drinkware include… Action, Supa, Calypso, Triton, Nomad

Contour - Stylish dual powered calculator. Eco-Clocks & Calculators

Some of our eco clocks and calculators include… Nova, Opal, Contour, Credit Card.

Pump Torch - Environmentally friendly torch that does not require pollution producing batteries Simply pump the handle for instant light. Thirty seconds of gentle squeezing will produce up to 15 minutes of light Eco-Tools & Torches

Eco-Promo Items

Eco - made from recyled cardboard and cornstarch with choice of 4 trim colours. Eco-Pens & Pencils

It is possible to have a good looking pen that is gentle on the planet with our range of cardboard …

Nature Polo - Mens and ladies eco polo. 70% bamboo, 30% organic cotton. Eco-Apparel

Recycled Non Woven Jute - Made of biodegradable and recycled materials with adjustable shoulder strap. Eco-Bags

Some of our eco bags include… 5069, 5055, Enviro, Eco Tote,