Plastic pens

Pens are the perfect promotional tool to expose your brand to the masses, cost effective and well travelled…why use unbranded pens for your office when for a similar price you can lose pens with your details on.

When compared to most other forms of advertising, promotional products offer you the greatest reach for your money.

Many other forms of advertising are not only are more expensive, but they also tend to be advertising to a very wide audience all of whom are not necessarily your potential clients, so your advtg spend is greatly diluted.  The beauty of promotional products is that you can choose  your audience (generally current client and potential clients) and you can tailor your product, price and quantity accordingly.  This allows you to get maximum bang for you dollar…and huge ROI (ret on investment) and OTS (opp to see)

So we have covered that promotional products offer great value for your advertising spend and that they help you to reach your specific target market, but they also allow you to tailor products to their needs/desires…and when this is done well the ROI and OTS is huge compared to many other forms of advertising

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